Don Benito uses only 100% Weber Blue Agave matured for 8 to 10 years in rich volcanic soil. The agave hearts of pinas are harvested and cut in half by Jimadors (Farmers) to be transferred for the cooking process.



Once the pinas have been split in half and analyzed for quality, they are set in brick ovens and cooked at regulated temperatures for 24 hours to extract the sugars needed to make the alcohol. The cooked pinas are then rested for another 24 hours for proper cooling.


After the pinas have been rested and cooled, they are sorted and mashed to extract the pure alcohol for distillation. Each Don Benito variety is distilled three times with natural spring water to assure purity and quality of product.


After the distilling process is complete, the tequila is transferred and held in American cast oak barrels until each selection reaches proper age and taste.


Each Don Benito Tequila bottle is hand made, making each bottle different and unique. All glass used to make our bottles are then checked for quality assurance and durability to avoid weak spots and blemishes.